Patient Information

After surgery

Most of our procedures are either day stay (ie going home on the same day) or require a single night in hospital. Before discharge you will be given material to take home including:

  • A prescription for pain and any other required medications
  • A set of instructions for managing the first 2 weeks post-op including caring for your wound and rehabilitation exercises
  • Your first post-op appointment
  • Work or ACC certificates
  • A photographic record of your surgery, if it was an arthroscopic procedure

Prior to discharge, the nursing staff will make sure you are safe to go, can use your crutches etc and will be able to cope. You will need someone to drive you home from hospital and stay with you for at least the first night after surgery. Some of the pain-killing medications should not be taken while driving or using heavy machinery. Please read the labels and follow the instructions.

Your first follow up appointment is typically scheduled for 10-14 days after your surgery.