Running Injuries

Running injury free is the dream, but the reality is that all runners are managing their niggles to some degree. Good runners learn to manage their running injuries better.

Common running injuries include:

Stress fractures

ITB friction syndrome

Hamstring problems

Runners knee

Exertional compartment syndrome

Shin splints

Achilles tendonitis

Plantar fasciitis


The most common risk factor for running injuries is training errors:

  • Rapid increase in training distances/duration
  • Rapid increase in intensity
  • Inadequate recovery time

Runners most at risk of injury are:

  • Beginning runners
  • Competitive runners
  • Those with previous injuries

Running risk factors can be intrinsic (i.e. related to you) or extrinsic (i.e. outside influences).

Intrinsic risk factors are related to the way your body is made and has adapted to activity. Some of these are hard to address (e.g. the shape of your bones) whilst the majority (i.e. muscles and tendons) can be addressed by attending to muscle imbalances and optimizing muscle strength and flexibility.

Common extrinsic risk factors include environmental influences, running surfaces,  training regimes and shoe selection.

Running injuries are common. All runners are different and treatment needs to be individualised.

Forte Sports specialist Sports & Exercise physicians love running and understand runners.  If you have an injury, come see our specialist team who can help you get back running, so you can achieve your goals.