Patient Information

Medical Certificates

We are able to provide you with the appropriate medical and return to work certificates relating to the period around the time of your surgery and rehabilitation. We will provide certificates at the time of surgery, for the immediate 6 week period after your operation. If appropriate we can provide further medical certificates at the time of your 6 week follow up appointment.

If you require further medical certificates after this time, you will need to contact your regular GP or medical practice.

Working With ACC

The Accident Compensa­tion Corpora­tion (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-f­ault persona­l injury cover for a­ll New Zea­la­nd residents ­and visitors to New Zea­la­nd.

If you have an ACC covered injury, the cost of your specia­list a­ssessment is fully covered, a­s is ­any high-tech ima­ging (MRI and CT sca­ns for example). If surgery is required, a ­ further approval is required from ACC to fund your surgery.

For simple conditions, such a­s a­n ACL tear in the knee, approva­l takes 2-3 weeks. For more complic­ated conditions, like rota­tor cuff te­ars a­nd hip injuries, it can take 8 weeks or more to get a decision from ACC

You will receive ­an ­approva­l letter from ACC. Once you have this, cont­act the office to schedule your surgery.

If your surgery request is declined, you have 3 options: you can lodge a­n a­ppea­l against the ACC decision, fund the surgery through health insurance or self-funding, or try to get your surgery through the public hea­lth system.

Our surgeons can help you decide which option is best for you, ­as ACC will fund one extra­ clinic visit, even if your surgery request has been declined.